#FuckHate (Zine Open Call)

Hate is possibly one of the worst aspects of humanity, from mass to self hatred and everything between. It’s all born of irrational fears, of ignorance and an unwillingness to overturn prejudices and runs counter to the basis of most ideologies. And yet it is prevalent the world over.

Prior to June 12 I had started to relax – started to think at the advance we’d made. Surely activities in Africa, the Middle East and in Russia had angered. But, as with other aspects of life they seemed more distant, less ‘here’. But, when a lone gunman walked into a gay space in Orlando – like many I attend here and abroad – and arbitrarily took and ruined lives I had a sharp awakening.

I then looked at the world closer to me – have we really achieved the equality and acceptance we’ve been working so hard for. In law – maybe we’re close, but in society we’re still a long way short. And combine this with the impact of those years of us being aliens or outsiders to ‘normal’ society has had on individuals. “masc4masc”, internalised homophobia, negativity towards others outside of heteronormative life and the whole

This is an open call for queer and gay identifying artists to submit images or small works which can be represented on a single A5* page for publication in a zine format for sale and online viewing.

Size:  A5 *210mm x 148mm / 8.3″ x 5.8″ – tall/portrait format.
Minimum 200dpi – full colour or mono.
Written submissions of up to 300 words also accepted.
Work to be supplied via email (5mb max) to butilikeitphoto [at] gmail.com

Deadline: 31st October 2016

A selection of works may be made for the print and online editions.
Any artists who have work included in the print edition will  be offered a copy at shipping cost only. The online edition will be published on this website.

This is a not for profit publication – any profits made will be donated to NoH8.

Promoted by We Are Obscured and will be Published by Strawbleu Editions.

Image #FuckHate © Johann D’Nale 2016 – #FuckHate was originally produced as a response to the queer art project Balaclava Q.