Introducing… GLIMP!

Well, new year – new post – and new ‘column’. One of the things I’ve learnt while publishing articles for the group Obscured Press is part of a new direction for the blog – highlighting the other publications and groups who are out there spreading news of Queer/Gay creativity.

The first publication I’ve chosen to highlight is GLIMP! This regular monthly email is now in it’s eighth year and highlights some of what’s going on around the globe – I dropped Helm de Laat a line and asked him about his newsletter.

I started by asking how he collates the content…

…this is how my adventures in the land of Queer Art go. I come across an almost forgotten mail, look into a site or facebook group, find a cute pic –and go looking into the site of an Italian member of the Fetishfoto Jury, discover Wretched GingerBoy, try opening the Bearded Brutes Book by Mark Leeming etc etc. And the notes I make, the downloaded pics, etc. come back to me when the next deadline of GLIMP! approaches.

Meanwhile I drop a line here, find an  e-mail address there. All end up in the GLIMP! mailinglists: GLBT papers and queer Zines, Galleries and Art collectives or organisations, and of course lots and lots of artists, art-critics, curators, interested and even a growing bunch of queer theorists.

How did it begin?

GLIMP! started as a one page e-mail once in while for the people who used to visit or show an interest in the art shows, I curated for Villa Lila, after the Nijmegen GLBT center closed. Meanwhile every month it find it’s way across the globe –we really are everywhere-. This month’s edition counted 19 pages (I must be mad writing it all) and had a circulation of just over 3000.

Everybody is invited to forward GLIMP! among their friends and from the people who mail me for a subscription I gather that that’s how most get to know GLIMP!

You asked “What’s the deal?” – what do I get out of it. Well imagine the ton of interesting mails I get every month. And once in a while I network a bit and watch new projects develop. And even the occasional commission comes along…

So GLIMP! is not only just fun making it also opens up tons of new perspectives into the queer art world. Just enjoy it and use it as you see fit. And we’ll see what comes from it 😉

Thanks to Helm for telling us about the newsletter.

To sign up for the English-language newsletter send an email and you can read more about him on his website (Dutch language).