Introducing… Cock au Soleil

Later this week, (We Are) Obscured founder, Johann d’Nale, is attending the Homosurrealism* London event and will be displaying, among other things, Cock au Soleil #4 – here he interviews the zine’s founder, Arthur Dumpling…

How did Cock au Soleil start?
It started as a collaborative project to talk about pain with a gay sex point of view asking friends to share their views using an artistic language.

The work on display at Homosurrealism London  is from your fourth Volume – tell us about the previous three editions.
Each edition, is a theme more or less obvious.

  • #1 was about pain
  • #2 was about hanky codes
  • #3 was about the vintage magazine Jean-Paul and (as) Saint Sebastian

How did volume 4 come about?
The wrapping paper issue was actually a project we had in mind for many years and the opportunity to launch a new issue during the Paris Ass Book Fair couldn’t be missed ! We hope people will use the papers!

Tell us a little about the contributions/contributors?
At first, contributors were friends who agreed to be part of the project. But from the beginning we have welcomed everyone who wants to share their creativity of gay sex/sexuality with an artistic language.

Do you have any plans for the future?
We are already working on a new issue for early 2018… but it’s still a secret. New contributors are welcome, feel free to email us.

How can people get copies or stay in touch?
During events where CAS#4 is displayed (kind of rare and secret), the best way will be to send us an email (unfortunately issues #1 to #3 are sold out)

Cock au Soleil volume #4 – contributing artists

Box by Arthur D, Olive Booger , Eleonore Clara and anonymous.

Want more? View this historic webpage of Le Cock au Soleil.

*We covered Homosurrealism in a previous interview with Jack Sanders. Homosurrealism London is the third queer arts event, following those earlier this year in Hollywood and New Orleans.