Talent Bank: The Armour Studio.

My practice is an experimental exploration of the body, of the surface, the skin, and probing the interfaces with which that body connects with the world. The work is driven by interaction with others, jointly questioning aspects of our multiple selves. The work is collaborative, progressing through projects, built on our shared sense of otherness. I use the term Theatre of Selfs because my practice is a dialogue with my collaborators, which is about aspects of them, but which I am using to explore or confront aspects of myself.

Relation to gay/queer identity:
All my work is with collaborators based on our shared sense of “otherness” – we are both gay.

Three new projects – one with a guy with cerebral palsy about using Grindr. One with a black artist about exploring each others’ bodies. One about creating a new identity for myself.

Impact of We Are Obscured: Exposure to a wider set of creative thinking.

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