On Show: Eric Lanuit, “Uniforms and Fantasies”

Johann recently caught up with photographer and publisher, Eric Lanuit to discuss his latest exhibition…

Johann d’Nale: How did the subject matter for the exhibition come about?

'Kamer' by Eric Lanuit. All Rights reserved, 2016.
‘Kamer’ by Eric Lanuit. All Rights reserved, 2016.

Eric Lanuit: Uniforms have always been the subject of fantasies. Authority, power, heroism, strength, the aesthetics of the clothing and accessories, the enhancement of the male body – all these mixed feelings at the sight of a man in uniform awaken our imagination and strata of our homoerotic cultural unconscious.

Just a detail can arouse our excitement and desire. The uniform, yes, but also work clothes, regulation outfits, sportswear, fetishist outfits –the clothes and accessories excite libidos and the imagination though the promise of masculine sex. Sending signals of the overflow of testosterone, hot games of domination and submission and of exhibitionism and worship.

All these portraits are looking to the horizon of their goal. So proud of their outfit that enables them to do their job, their duty, their performance. So proud of their body that endorses the outfit or accessories of what they represent and so proud of the looks they generate from the attributes of their virility.

From athlete to soldier, worker to businessman, master to slave and from cowboy to sailor, they all proudly display the artifices of their conviction, their profession, their passion, or their sexual practice, arousing the desire of the unattainable beauty of the idealised male.

How did the preparation go – and what reaction have you had to the works?

'Gabin' by Eric Lanuit. All Rights reserved, 2016.
‘Mehdi’ by Eric Lanuit. All Rights reserved, 2016.

I was very happy with the prints – they are amazingly beautiful. I have chosen a smooth and very thick fine art paper that really gives the painting portrait effect that I wanted.
Regarding the hanging itself, this was not so easy because I chose to show three sizes (50x70cm, 40x50cm and 30x40cm) and of course there is some stronger portraits that I wanted to push. My friend José Texeira from P-ARTY helped me and we found what I hope is the best combination in the location.

I only received good reactions on the opening day, but maybe people don’t tell you when they don’t like it (LOL). What I can say is that people seem to understand my point of view on the subject and the fact I handle it in a very classical photography portrait way – which is not usually the case for uniform and other fetish topics.

What is coming next for you?

I’m looking for galleries or places to show the ‘Uniforms and Fantasies’ series in Europe and in United States. I’m also working on a special issue of my gay art magazine Men Addicted that should be online beginning of November and will be participating in the collective exhibition HOLE curated by P-ARTY in Paris that will take place at KRASH and LA MINE from November 3rd to December 4th.

Thanks for sharing those words and images with us, Eric and the best luck with your future endeavours! 

For more information about Eric, please visit his website or Facebook page.

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